At SMBJJ, we are committed to helping each student become better in every aspect of their training - and in their lives. Established in 2012, we are family owned and operated and offer a clean, safe and family-friendly environment. Located at 2337 A Street in Santa Maria, SMBJJ has a 3000 sq. ft training area with 2000 sq. ft of mats. All of our programs offer students an opportunity to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. We invite everyone to come, train, and become a part of our martial arts/BJJ family, regardless of experience or ability. We want you to become the best “YOU.”


Our Mission:


To give something positive back to our local community by way of martial arts and to demonstrate that with hard work, dedication, confidence, courage and commitment anything is possible.

"Chris, Erin and the crew at SMBJJ has truly changed my life. In my quest to get healthy, I found a school that has helped give me confidence and support to become a better person. There was no pressure and I was welcomed in on the first day despite my obvious size difference and nerves. Now, two years later I am 100lbs lighter and am no longer part of a school, but part of a family."

-Erik Voss

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2337 A Street in Santa Maria Ca , E-mail: chris@sm-ma.co Tel: 805-925-3000 

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