Isabelle Aranda:

At only 12 years of age, Isabelle (Izzo) Aranda is the youngest yet very talented instructor here at
ISMAA. Despite being the youngest instructor at ISMAA, Izzo has accomplished a lot during tenure as a martial artist. She first started in Tae Kwon Do (TKD) at the age of 4, under the guidance of Master Paul Sisk and his wife 4 th degree TKD Black belt, Mrs. Kelli Sisk with their Tiny Tiger program. The rest-as they say- is history! Since that first class, Izzo has study and trained hard to become a 1 st degree balck belt, at the age of 9 and in March of 2017, she earned her 2 nd degree black belt in TKD. During her training as a TKD black belt, she has started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), under Coach Gabe Caro and Sensei Chris Ruiz.

Izzo, is currently a grey/white belt in BJJ and does not show signs of stopping her progression in BJJ! Izzo is 1 of 5 black belt instructors for our Kids Self-Defense program. Izzo teaches our students strong and precise technique during her instructions, and shows the smaller students, that size matters not, while training or in a self-defense situation. She is a huge role in the development of the new Kids Self-Defense program, here at ISMAA. Izzo, is a very kind and loving individual, yet don’t let her youth or size fool you, Izzo is a beast when it comes to her own training. She enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge of the martial arts to everyone. Izzo, besides training alongside of her little brother Jonah, loves to hunt with her family and raises poultry for one of the local 4-H groups in Santa Maria.
When we asked Ms. Aranda what has martial arts taught her, this what she replied,”Martial arts
has taught, me how to become more confident and has me stronger in my everyday life; I have become a great student and stronger person. Martial arts has also taught me to become a leader and not a